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Gripper by Joytohope

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Product description

The Easiest Way To Improve Your Grip Strength!

The Grippler gives your forearms a good pump, and it'll definitely make your veins pop! Using the Grippler will strengthen your forearms! The key to seeing results is consistency. Keep at it for a few weeks and you'll definitely make progress.

Who Should Use It?

The Grippler is suitable for everyone of all ages, and its especially useful for:

  • Athletes: Perfect for athletes that do any of the following sports; basketball, baseball, football, wrestling, rock climbing, tennis, golf, and many more!
  • Musicians: A great tool to warm up your fingers if you play guitar, piano, and violin, just to name a few
  • Anyone Undergoing Physical Therapy: The Grippler can help treat arthritis, carpal tunnel, stroke, and tendon surgery.

Portable- Can easily fit in your pocket, hand bag, gym bag, you name it!

Adjustable- Weight can be adjust from 5 to 60kg (11 to 132 lbs)

Comfortable and Non-Slip- Handle has an upgraded rubber design for better comfort and slip resistance

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