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Mini Keychain Phone Charger

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Squeeze additional power to your device with our Portable Keychain Phone Charger

Stay powered up with our stylish Keychain Phone Charger! This ultra-compact mini battery pack is designed to provide your electronics with a temporary charge supply when you need it the most. Our 1500mAh Mini Keychain Phone Charger comes in 2 different, innovative options between the standard iPhone Lightning connector and a Type C port that allows for super fast charging, so you'll always be prepared in any situation.


Fit our Portable Keychain Phone Charger comfortably in your hand, pocket, purse, backpack, bag, etc; thanks to its ergonomic design!

The sleek, eye-catching design of this charger will make sure that it stands out wherever you go -- even if it's attached to your keychain! This Portable Charger serves as a great emergency option in case you are desperate for a charge and have no other option! With our 1500mAh charger, it will give you upwards of 3+ hours of extra charge! No matter where you're headed, our Keychain Phone Charger will keep your electronics going strong. Get yours today and stay charged on the go!


Give your smartphone over 3+ hours of charging time w/ the 1500mAh battery capacity

A natural extension of your device, our Keychain Phone Charger is designed to facilitate phone usability, not hinder it. Whether you’re on a run, rushing to a date, or out with friends, this portable charger delivers the power boost you need to keep your phone alive without the bulk of old school power banks. The charger features a retractable charging tip to keep it safe from scratches and dents when the charger is not in use.


This 1,500mAh Charger Powers Up Your Device On-the-Go Without the Bulk of Old School Power Banks


1. Portable Charger: Ideal for boosting power and extending life for your tablet, cell phone, wireless speaker, e-reader or other standard USB devices, provides 1500mAh internal battery and shared output power for more extra battery.

2. Waterproof Rubber Surface: Designed to withstand the most extreme outdoor conditions, waterproof, drop proof and dustproof, suitable for camping, hiking or mountaineering or just going out. Compact design, can be easily taken to multiple environments.

3. Built-in Carabiner: The ability to attach the included carabiner clip to a backpack, belt, harness, or any safety loop keeps your power within arm's reach. It can be carried in a pocket, purse or handbag.

4. Stay Charged: A great adventure companion that fits easily in a pouch, purse or backpack so convenient power is always within reach with pass-through charging.

5. Small & Compact Design: Suitable for most iPhones, Airpods, iPads, select Androids, wireless speakers, wireless headphones/earbuds, USB camping and outdoor accessories. Be sure to select the right charging connector! 


1. Shell material: PVC
2. Size: 40*70*18mm
3. Battery capacity: 1500mAh
5. Applicable mobile phone interface: Type-C, for Apples interface

Disclaimer: If you have an Otterbox case or a case that interferes with the charging port then you will need to remove the case prior to charging your Phone. If you decide to leave the case on, the connection may be loose, therefore the phone may not charge properly.

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