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Posture Pole

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Product description

Customer Results

  • Before

Poor posture puts strain on the neck and back and can cause the midsection to protrude

  • After

Correcting your posture alleviates those strains and brings emphasis to the abdominal and pectoral region

"I've tried other posture correctors, they're always uncomfortable and tight and you're supposed to wear them all day. But the posture pole was SO easy, I just used it 15 minutes every night before bed and it worked great. Not only has it relieved my neck pain, but I feel so much more confident in the way I look! Would highly recommend to anyone!"

Adam Smith.


Using the Posture Pole

Place in the bend of your elbow in line with your spine

Quality and Comfort

  • Made with 100% stainless steel & a spongy foam outside grip.
  • Reinforced & hardened on the inside, soft and comfortable on the outside.
  • Strong & durable - built to last

One Size Fits All 



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